Application services have undergone significant changes in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. View the release notes for detailed information on how these changes impact Bellhop services.

Version 2.0.5 will be the final release of Bellhop since much of its functionality can now be replaced by Automator services.

Say hello to Bellhop, an easy way to write Mac OS X system services. Have an idea for a service, but don't want to fire up Xcode? No problem! Just write your service in one of the supported scripting languages and let Bellhop do the heavy lifting.

How does Bellhop work?

Bellhop uses a single-window interface that allows you to organize, edit and configure your services in one place. Publishing a new service is simply a matter of writing the script for your service and configuring some settings.

Behind the scenes, Bellhop updates the necessary system property lists, updates the system-wide Services menu, and automatically activates your script when necessary.

Can Bellhop handle more than just text?

Absolutely! Although most services are designed to operate on simple text, you are not limited to text based services. For example, you can write services that take tab-delimited data to produce custom graphs. You can operate on selected files in the Finder. You can manipulate image data. Essentially any type of data that can be manipulated on the pasteboard can be manipulated in Bellhop. These are some of the pasteboard data types that Mac OS X supports:

  • string data
  • filenames
  • html content
  • pdf content
  • rtf content
  • image data
  • urls
  • color data
  • font data
  • vcard data
If there are applications that can read and write these data types on the pasteboard, then you can write a Bellhop service to manipulate them.

Is Bellhop multilingual?

Bellhop is built from the ground-up to support multiple languages. Out of the box, Bellhop supports the following popular scripting languages:

  • AppleScript
  • F-Script
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby

If you don't see your favorite scripting language in the list, you can always use the Bellhop SDK to write your own language plug-ins. Be sure to check back for the SDK's availability.

Version 2.0.5[Release Notes]

See the release notes for important information concerning Bellhop and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

If you find Bellhop useful, you can show your support with a small donation.

Visit the Service Library to get access to services that you can drag directly into Bellhop.

Choose from several services that you can enable with a single click—it doesn't get much easier!

Coming Soon!

Download the SDK and write a plug-in for your favorite scripting language.

The SDK consists of some protocols and a couple of examples to get you started.

See Bellhop in action

Insert Google chart

Uppercase text selection

Stock quote and maps

Useful links

AppleScript—Language of Automation

F-Script—Open Source Scripting in Cocoa

Ruby—A Programmer's Best Friend

Python—Official Website

Perl—The Perl Directory

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