Bellhop Service Library

The Bellhop Service Library is a repository for services that you can download directly into Bellhop. Simply drag a Service Pack (the suitcase icon) into the Bellhop application to copy the services onto your machine.


Text Services [top]
  Name Description

Text Statistics (3 services)

Count Number of Characters [Ruby]
Count Number of Words [Ruby]
Count Number of Lines [Ruby]

This Service Pack contains services that return information about the current selection, such as the number of words, or lines or characters in the selection. These services will display dialogs with the requested information.

Text Formatting (10 services)

Enclose in Double Quotes [Ruby]
Enclose in Single Quotes [Ruby]
Make Lowercase [Ruby]
Make Uppercase [Ruby]
Wrap to 80 Characters [Ruby]
Compress Spaces [Ruby]
Shift Text Right [Ruby]
Shift Text Left [Ruby]
Add Line Numbers [Ruby]
Remove Line Numbers [Ruby]

Contains various text formatting services, such as changing case, wrapping text, enclosing text in quotes, shifting text, etc. All of these services require a text selection in order to execute, and will transform the selected text when invoked.
Text Insertions (2 services)

Insert Current Date [AppleScript]
Insert Contents of File [Ruby]

Contains services to insert content into an application (e.g. the contents of a file or the current date). These services don't need to have any selection to be available, since they only provide data, not act on it.

Text Sorting (2 services)

Sort Lines in Ascending Order [Ruby]
Sort Lines in Descending Order [Ruby]

Services to sort the lines in the selected text alphabetically (ascending and descending). These services will transform the selected text.



Internet Services [top]
  Name Description

Stocks / Investing (2 services)

Get Stock Quote [AppleScript]
Show Yahoo! Finance page [Ruby]

These services operate on a selected ticker symbol and are used to display information about that symbol, such as a quote, or a finance page. These services show how to make a SOAP request via AppleScript, and how to open the user's default browser with a URL.

Addresses / Geography (4 services)

Show City MapQuest map [Ruby]
Show Zip Code MapQuest map [Ruby]
Show Zip Code info usng ZipInfo [Ruby]
Get Temperature in Zip Code [AppleScript]

Use these services to get information about a zip code or a city name, such as a MapQuest map, or the current temperature, or even geographic information such as latitude and longitude.
Package Tracking (2 services)

Show FedEx Tracking Page [Ruby]
Show UPS Tracking Page [Ruby]
These two services allow you to select a tracking number and display a tracking details page. For example, select a UPS tracking number from an email, and then invoke the UPS Tracking number service to take you directly to the tracking results for the package.

Google Search (1 service)

Search using Google [Ruby]

This single service will open up a Google search in your browser, using the selected text as the search term.



Developer Services [top]
  Name Description

Code Editing (3 services)

Format "#" Comment [Ruby]
Format "C" Multi-line Comment [Ruby]
Format "C++" Single-line Comment [Ruby]

A collection of convenient code editing services to allow you to quickly format comments. You can format comments using the shell script style, single line C++ style, or multiline C style. Don't like the default format? Just edit the service to tailor it to your liking.

HTML Editing (5 services)

Add Code Mark Up [Ruby]
Add Italics Mark Up [Ruby]
Add Paragraph Mark Up [Ruby]
Escape HTML [Ruby]
URL Encode [Ruby]

A set of convenient services useful when you're doing quick and dirty HTML editing, and don't want to launch a full blown editor. These services can be used to quickly place tags around text, escape text, etc. Useful, for example, when you're entering HTML in web based forms.
Javadoc Tags (3 services)

Add Link Tag [Ruby]
Add Linkplain Tag [Ruby]
A couple of handy services that you can use when you are writing Javadoc comments in your source code. These two link services will wrap the selected text in javadoc link tags so that they become active hyperlinks in the generated documentation.

Unix IPC (3 services)

Pipe Output From... [Ruby]
Pipe Selection Through... [Ruby]
Pipe Selection To... [Ruby]

Some services that allow you to pipe data to and from shell commands. These services will prompt you for a shell command to run, and will then pipe the output from the command or the selection to the command, depending on the specific service. Some of the services also allow you to use file redirection to redirect the output to a file or redirect a file as input to a command.



Miscellaneous Services [top]
  Name Description

Finder Tools (1 service)

Group Files in Subfolder [AppleScript]

* NOTE: This service does not work in Tiger, since Finder does not enable any services when more than one file is selected.

Handy service that allows you to select a group of files in a Finder window, and then group them into their own subfolder. This service prompts you for the name of the new subfolder before moving the files.

iTunes Music Store Search (3 services)

Search Artist in Store [Ruby]
Search Album in Store [Ruby]
Search Song in Store [Ruby]

Some services to search for music in the iTunes Music Store. These services will use iTunes to do a search on the selected text in the iTunes Music Store. The results are displayed directly in iTunes.

Version 2.0.1[Release Notes]

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Text Services - General services to manipulate text.

Internet Services - Services that utilize the internet.

Developer Services - Useful services for developers.

Miscellaneous Services - Additional services.

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